Prof. Dr. Sibel Ayşıl ÖZKAN

Sibel A. Ozkan is presently working as a Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at Ankara University, Faculty of Pharmacy. She has become full professor in 2003. She has been involved in several analytical chemistry projects related to electroanalytical chemistry and separation techniques on drug active compounds and DNA–Drug interactions.

Her research interests included analysis of pharmaceuticals with using separation techniques especially on liquid chromatography, method development and their validation, electroanalytical techniques, novel electrode materials, nano-structured materials, surface–modified electrodes, fabrication of biosensors and nano-sensors, analysis of pharmaceuticals from their dosage forms and biological samples.

She has published more than 200 original and review papers, more than 20 chapters in varied books and two scientific books namely ‘Electroanalytical methods in pharmaceutical analysis and their validation’, HNB Publishing, in 2012 and ‘Electroanalysis in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences’, Springer, in 2015.

She received Ankara University Scientific Support Award in 2003 and Academy of Pharmacy Science Award of Turkish Pharmaceutical Association in 2008.

She is the Editorial Board Member of the many journals like Talanta, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Chromatographia, Current Drug Therapy, Journal of Turkish Pharmaceutical Sciences, etc. She is also Regional Editor of Current Pharmaceutical Analysis (2015).

  •    office: +90 312 203 31 75
  •    lab: +90 312 203 31 81
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