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Degree: Bachelor’s Degree

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Program Description: The English Divinity Program designed to impart to students a comprehensive knowledge of the fields of Islamic theology and religious studies. We aim to create a scholarly and intercultural environment comprised of dedicated students, scholars, and intellectuals, and disseminating what it has to offer to international scholarship in Islamic disciplines. Complementing this focus on traditional Islamic studies is an equal emphasis on critical thinking and the modern social sciences and humanities, harmoniously blending the two to ensure that students are solidly grounded in the classical Islamic disciplines and also equipped to use their knowledge in today’s intellectual climate. 


e-mail: engila@ankara.edu.tr

phone: +90 312 212 68 00

web: http://engila.en.ankara.edu.tr

Program Details: http://bbs.ankara.edu.tr/Amac_Hedef.aspx?bno=1520&bot=117