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Degree: Bachelor’s Degree

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Program Description: Programme aims to redound students questioning and creative thinking habitsand basic information about the philosophy. Teaching staff of department is consist of different philosophical approaches. Especially following philosophical trends and issues are at the forefront of program: Existentialism, Phenomenology and Contemporary Philosophy Movement, Aesthetic Human Rights, State and Society Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, idealistic philosophy. Programme also focus to raise awareness concerning the need of philosophical knowledge in various fields of knowledge and in leading personal and social life; and to grow graduates who carry out notable researches, work in various academic institutions both in Turkey and in abroad, and contribute to science and humanity. Graduates are able to identify major philosophers and philosophical thoughts; define basic concepts in philosophy; list various philosophical investigation procedures; define basic techniques, concepts used in formal and informal logic and philosophical explanation of scientific and philosophical texts.


e-mail: rturan@ankara.edu.tr

phone:  +90 312 310 32 80

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