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    Siyasal Bilgiler Fakültesi Cemal Gürsel Bulvarı Cebeci/ANKARA

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Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Program Description: This is e unique program within Turkish higher education system. Examples of the program are frequently encountered in countries such as Anglo-Saxon education system that prioritizes competition and entrepreneurship. The curriculum of the program offers courses for all branches of social sciences. In this respect, this program aims to train fully equipped bureaucrats in accordance with the necessities of the time. This program, called “Politics and Economics”, was created by combining the complementary fields of politics and economics. On the one hand, it is aimed to examine political concepts and theories in different cultures and systems comparatively; on the other hand, it is aimed to teach analytical methods of economics and to apply these methods in different problem areas. Looking at the content of the curriculum, the first two years there are core courses in the broad spectrum of social sciences. In the 3rd and 4th years, students are expected to specialize in the field of interest by selecting courses from different disciplines such as economics, political science, public administration, labor economics and industrial relations, public finance, international relations and business. In this way, graduates have a solid foundation to build career in a wide range of area, from bureaucracy to non-governmental organizations and international organizations, from big companies to small businesses.


e-mail: ocelik@ankara.edu.tr

Phone: +90 312 319 12 13

web: http://www.politics.ankara.edu.tr/english/

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