Ambulatory Care, Nutrition, Diet, First Aid, Psychological Counseling services are provided in Medical Center of Health Culture and Sports Department. To carry out these services, Medical Service has a specialist doctor, a general practitioner, 4 nutritionists, 2 food engineers, a psychologist and a nurse works in Medical Center. All of our students and staff can benefit from services of Medical Center.

Ambulatory Care

Guest Students with Scholarship

Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities is paying social care taxes of students who gets a scholarship from Turkish Government. Those students can benefit from any state medical center including Medical Center of Health Culture and Sports Department with their Temporary Citizenship Number.

Guest Students without Scholarship

By paying own social care taxes or with own private medical insurance all of guest students can benefit from any state medical center.

You may contact to Department of Health Culture and Sports for detailed information. Telephone: +90 (312) 362 97 20 / 7685

Nutrition and Diet Service

All of our students can visit the Nutrition and Diet Counselling service to learn about healthy nutrition and diet. There is a professional nutritionist available for counselling in the Department of Health Culture and Sports.

Psychological Counselling

Human life is based on adaptation to new conditions in every phase of life. When the adaptation is smooth and successful then it makes people happy in their life. If you’re facing following problems you may visit the psychological counselling for free of charge.


  • Decrease of academic success,
  • Problems in interpersonal relations,
  • Stress, anger management,
  • Others problems,


You may visit the Psychological Counselling.