Ankara University offers different sport activities to students in order to help them to protect and develop their physical and mental health. Sports Office has both sport fields and sport courses that students can benefit. Olympic Swimming Pool, Sport and Exercises Fields, Water Sports Center, Bicycle Training Center, football fields, volleyball fields, basketball fields and tennis courts are available for students.

Keçiören Campus

–              Keçiören Indoor Sports Field


Agriculture Faculty Campus

–              Dışkapı Indoor Sports Field

–              Dışkapı Indoor Exercise Field


Cebeci Campus

–              Cebeci Indoor Sports Field

–              Cebeci Sports Training Center and Exercise Field


Tandoğan Campus

–              Olympic Swimming Pool

–              Tandoğan Indoor Sports Field

–              Pool Building Exercises Field

–              Piri Reis Exercises Field

–              Pharmacy Faculty Exercises Field

–              Tandoğan Indoor and Outdoor Tenis Courts

–              Tandoğan Outdoor Volleyball, Basketball, Football Fields


Gölbaşı 50th Anniversary Campus

–              Sports Faculty Sport Field

–              Health Culture and Sports Department Exercises Field

–              Health Culture and Sports Department Bicycle Training Center

–              Gölbaşı Water Sports Center


Each year Traditional Ankara University League is organized by the Department of Health Culture and Sports in different branch of sports like basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, swimming etc. All of our students are invited to join own faculty teams.


Depending on the demand of international students, special leagues can be organized which teams are formed by international students only. Please contact to Sports Office for more information.