About Us

The Foreign Relations and Internationalization Office has been continuing its studies as a unit of Ankara University Rectorate at Tandoğan campus where its building is located at Piri Reis Square which bears the name of Piri Reis, Ottoman-Turkish admiral and cartographer who is the author of the Kitab-ı Bahriye, one of the most famous pre-modern books of navigation in which was nominated the discovery of America and also the presence of the American continent for the first time in the Ottoman Empire. He also designed a world map to show parts of the world from the European continent to Indian and Chinese seas including all the countries in this area.


The Foreign Relations and Internationalization Office promotes broad and lasting cooperation with other universities all around the world, through academic partnership protocols and bilateral agreements established at international level, in collaboration with the academic & administrative units of the University such as Office for European Union Education Programmes, Farabi Office, Mevlana Office, International Student Office, Office for Cultural and Art Activities, the related research centers and TÖMER.


The Foreign Relations and Internationalization Office aims to provide and coordinate international mobility and multi-degree programs with the universities all around the world and assists to all the departments of our University to become more internationalized and contemporary during the process of internationalization of Ankara University.