rent a flat  ?

If you want to stay in a flat; We dont recommend you to find on internet and pay before coming. First of all you should contact with Erasmus Student Network Ankara University . They are going to try to find the cheapest and the nearest flat for you. You can always contact ESN Ankara to get more information .

If you want to stay in a dormitory ; We dont recommend you to stay in a dormitory. The dormitories are private and quite expensive. You can also contact ESN Ankara University or EU Office get more information.

 buy public transport ticket / card ?

There are subways (metro) and buses in Ankara as a public transportations .The cheapest way to use these transportations is Ankara Card (for students) . You need your student paper , go to almost any metro station and take your Ankara Card for 5 liras. After you took Ankara Card you will charge it and use it. Every oneway trip cost 1.5 TL (0,5 € ) and in 75 minutes you can transfer for free. If you will not have Ankara Card , you can buy normal tickets for 2 , 5, 10 using and it will be more expensive.

buy museum card ?

The museum card is cheap and usefull in Turkey. You need to go with your student paper , 1 photo to any museum and take your Museum Card . It will cost 20 TL ( 7€ ) and you can  use it in all museums whole year.

register for swimming pool , fitness ?

We have really good and big swimming pool in our main campus. You can register for 3 months ( 30 TL ) , 6 months ( 45TL ) , 12 months ( 60 TL ) . For enrollment firstly you need to pay HALKBANK and take receipt .Than you need to go to swimming pool , give them student paper , photo , bank receipt and finish your enrollment . You will be able to use Swimming pool , Fitness and Sauna too.

register your mobile phone ?

You cannot use your mobile phone in Turkey more than 15 days. You need to register it or buy new one . For registration you need to pay with taxes approximative 170 TL ( 60 € ) . If you have a smart phone and you want to use it in Turkey with turkish number , you can register it . Otherwise we recommend you to buy cheap mobile phone ( around 70 TL ) and use during your time in Turkey.

buy new mobile phone ?

We recommend you to buy new cheap phone instead of registration your phone. ESN Ankara also will help you to find mobile phone . You should go to buy phone with your mentor ( somebody from ESN Ankara) or somebody who can help you for this.

get new sim card ?

We have 3 different operators in Turkey. You can have some adventages in all operators. In the beginning of the semester ESN Ankara is going to organise meeting to buy sim card for erasmus. If you can join them and buy together , it will be best way for you.

buy intercity bus / plane / train ticket ?

There are more than 20 bus company in Turkey and you can buy ticket on internet almost all of them.If you want to buy cash you can go to  Kızılay / İzmir Street or you can go to Aşti Bus Terminal.

For the Plane ticket you can also find easily ticket on Internet. There are some cheap ways to go to airport. You can catch the bus which called Belko from Kızılay , Also you can catch the bus which called Havaş from Aşti or Ulus. This buses will cost oneway to the airport between 5-15 TL ( 2-5 € ).

We have already finished some high-speed railway to the İstanbul , Eskişehir and some other cities. You can find tickets on internet or you can go to Maltepe station , Kızılay to buy cash.

(prepared by ESN Ankara University)