Солнечный диск

The Sun Disc

The symbol of Ankara University is the Sun Disc. This symbol is commonly regarded as belonging to the Hittite civilization and usually connotes Ankara and Anatolia.

After its discovery, it was first used as the symbol of the Faculty of Humanities, and later was adopted as the symbol of Ankara University. The Sun Disc was unearthed during the excavations started in 1935 by direct order of Atatürk. In fact the symbol belongs to the Hattis from the pre-Hittite period. The Sun Disc is made of bronze, and was commonly used about 4250 years ago in religious ceremonies. The circle which forms the perimeter of the disc represents either the earth or the sun. At the bottom, there are two horn-like protrusions but what they represent is not clear. The protrusions at the top represent fertility, and the procreation of nature. The birds symbolize fertility and the freedom in nature. The sun disc is known to have been made about 300 years prior to the Hittite settlement in Anatolia. Hatti kings were buried in funeral ceremonies typically with 4-5 such symbols of similar design.

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