The University in Numbers

Ankara University provides education through associate (two-year) degree programs, and undergraduate (bachelor degree) programs through its 17 faculties, 11 vocational schools, 1 colleges and a state conservatory. Graduate level education is provided by its 13 graduate schools.

As of July 27, 2017, our University has 7444 associate degree and 35715 undergraduate level students within the range of its 48 associate degrees and 113 undergraduate level programs. Newly enrolled students can attend the foreign language preparation courses during their first year.

Our teaching and research staff is composed of 1196 professors, 295 associate professors, and 292 assistant professors, totaling 1783 faculty members employed at the University. The total number of auxiliary academic staff is 2293, which consists of 156 instructors, 194 specialists, 248 lecturers and 1695 research assistants. Ankara University also employs 4076 administrative staff.