Application Process  for Turkish Citizen Students: Nationwide exam called YGS

For International Students:

Exams / Diplomas that are accepted for application and minimum scores (You can apply to Ankara University one of these documents):

  1. a) Minimum 50 standard points in AYÖS 2017 or AYÖS 2018 (Ankara University Examination For Foreign Students),
  2. b) Scores between 1-4 in ABITUR,
  3. c) An international baccalaureate diploma degree and minimum 30 points,
  4. d) Minimum 1100 points in total and minimum 650 points in the math section of SAT I,
  5. e) A score of minimum 24 in ACT,
  6. f) GCE and Cambridge International AL and AS Levels Qualifications A minimum of two A levels relevant to the program the candidate is applying for, with a minimum grade of A in one of them; in addition, a minimum of 320 points from all A or AS levels taken (with A- level tariff rates: A*=140, A=120, B=100, C=80) should be secured. AS-level (Advanced Subsidiary Level) may be considered in lieu of a nonessential A-level with half tariff rates.(Those who have not had a score of any kinds of exams on the list yet should not apply to study at any programs.)
  7. g) French Baccalaureate with a minimum score of 15 out of 20 in the stream related to the program the candidate is applying for,
  8. h) Jordan and Palestine Tawjihi Certificate with a minimum exam score of 80 in all programs,
  9. i) West African Examination Council West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) (WAEC) a minimum of 6 B2 Levels, one of which is relevant to the program the candidate is applying for,
  10. j) A minimum average of 75% in College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) in CSAT ( College Scholastic Aptitude Test) exam prepared by “Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE)” in South Korea [Suneung] including at least one relevant subject in type B.
  11. k) Japan Daigaku Nyûski Sentâ Shiken Entrance Exam Parts of Exam, Maximum Points and Duration of Exams: Japanese Language 80 minutes (200 points) Social Sciences (History-Geography, Citizenship) 1 part 60 minutes (110 points), 2 parts 130 minutes (200points) Maths 1 60 minutes (100 points) Maths 2 60 minutes (100 points) Science 1 60 minutes two parts (100 points) Science 2 60 minutes, 1 part (100 points), 2 parts 130 minutes (200 points) Foreign Language 80 minutes (200 points) Those who have a score of any exams on the above mentioned list in paragraphs (j), (k) are going to gain an acceptance depending on the decision of the related faculty members.
  12. l) Aptitude test: Applicants who will apply to departments that require aptitude tests should not only provide the necessary requirements, but also required to take an aptitude test conducted by the related faculty or department. m) High School GPA: After placement of the types of examinations above, applications made according to national high school final examinations will be assessed if vacant quotas remain. The results of exams, which are specified as the University Entrance Exam, are valid for only two years. There is no time expiry for the exams, which are specified as High School Graduation Exam.


Language Requirement:    No language requirement, preparatory class is available

Application Fee:     No fee for application

Evaluation:   Paper based

Application Deadline:       Generally in June

Where to apply:    Students Affairs Office:

How to apply : Paper based application