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степень: Степень бакалавра

продолжительность: 4 года

язык: Английский

Описание программы: Programme aims to redound students questioning and creative thinking habitsand basic information about the philosophy. Teaching staff of department is consist of different philosophical approaches. Especially following philosophical trends and issues are at the forefront of program: Existentialism, Phenomenology and Contemporary Philosophy Movement, Aesthetic Human Rights, State and Society Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, History and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Language, idealistic philosophy. Programme also focus to raise awareness concerning the need of philosophical knowledge in various fields of knowledge and in leading personal and social life; and to grow graduates who carry out notable researches, work in various academic institutions both in Turkey and in abroad, and contribute to science and humanity. Graduates are able to identify major philosophers and philosophical thoughts; define basic concepts in philosophy; list various philosophical investigation procedures; define basic techniques, concepts used in formal and informal logic and philosophical explanation of scientific and philosophical texts.


Эл. почта: rturan@ankara.edu.tr

Телефон:  +90 312 310 32 80

Web:  http://felsefe.humanity.ankara.edu.tr/

Program Details: http://bbs.ankara.edu.tr/Amac_Hedef.aspx?bno=4296&bot=1917

степень: Bachelor’s Degree

продолжительность: 4 years

язык: English

Описание программы: Prehistoric Archeology, Protohistoria and Pre Asia Archeology and Classical Archeology are the Major Scientific Branches of the Department. Prehistoric Archeology comprises more than 99% of history of humanity. The discipline studies the natural environment in which human live and chronologically examines findings, which are excavated. Protohistoria and Pre Asia Archeology studies cultures and civilizations, which expand mainly Anatolia and all Pre Asia starting from Neolithic Age, the beginning of agriculture and permanent settlement to the end of respectively Chalcolithic Period (BC 5.000-3.000), Bronze Ages (BC 3.000-1.200) and Iron Age (BC 1.000-500). Classical Archeology mostly includes Ancient Period, which covers Greek and Roman civilizations. Classical Archeology Department includes courses on Minoan in Crete, Mycenaean civilization in mainland Greece and Proto-Geometric – Geometric period, Archaic period, Classical period, Hellenistic period, Roman Empire period archeology of Aegean Civilizations mainly Western Anatolia.

Graduates are able to define and use of the basic concepts and scientific methods of archeology. Date and evaluate the archeological materials by style analysis and other comparative techniques. Learn the basic principles of stratigraphy and evaluate individual structures by defining their chronological sequences. Learn the scientific methods used in dating of archaeological materials.


Эл. почта: htaskiran@ankara.edu.tr

Web: http://www.dtcf.ankara.edu.tr/en/department-of-archeology-2/

Program Details: http://bbs.ankara.edu.tr/Amac_Hedef.aspx?bno=1688&bot=285

степень: Bachelor’s Degree

продолжительность: 4 years

язык: English

Описание программы: Anthropology program examines past and present societies comparatively from biological and cultural perspective and reveals the differences and similarities emerged with evolution and change. In Anthropology program, while examining the diversity of people within time and space, on the other hand, social and cultural relations are described. The most important feature of the anthropology is that it has a universalist and holistic perspective. From this point, in Anthropology program, on one hand, when discussing all aspects of the biological and cultural differences, on the other hand, an equal distance to all the differences and similarities are taught. No matter which sub-discipline of anthropology programs, the students training in this program, are trying to gain a global perspective rather than being self-centered.

The aim of program is to train researchers who evaluate human societies from biological and cultural aspects by taking a holistic perspective. Describe the fundamental concepts and terminology of anthropology discipline. İdentify the historical process through which humans are evolved adopted a sedentary lifestyle and diversified various cultures. Analyse the material cultural units of various cultures, the practices that they developed through the ways, which they organize their environment and life worlds based on human-object/human-nature/human-environment dichotomies.


Эл. почта: tgul@humanity.ankara.edu.tr

Телефон: +90 312 310 32 80 / 1757

Web: http://antropoloji.humanity.ankara.edu.tr/en

Program Details: http://bbs.ankara.edu.tr/Amac_Hedef.aspx?bno=1594&bot=191

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